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Brian Kramer Blues Art

“Muddy used to play guitar and sing the way you draw. Very influenced by Son House and Robert Johnson, Muddy distilled their influences, deconstructed them into a simpler presentation even when doing the same songs. Listen to Walkin’ Blues by all three. Muddy had the greatness to add his own unique voice to it. You’ve developed a signature illustrating style.”
- Bob Margolin (Muddy Waters' guitar player)

“Brian Kramer’s musical caricature-portraits have the irresistible appeal of a classic Howlin’ Wolf track. A brilliant, soulful tribute to our heroes and sheroes”.
- Eric Bibb

“Brian Kramer’s got his groove back. He is a musician and a fierce illustrator whose pandemic silver lining was a big bang of creative output. He burst on the scene as suddenly and unexpectedly as when Jimi Hendrix came to London to show the British how the blues is really played. His work is stunning and amazing. By now everyone knows, Oh my God, here is the real thing!”
- Frank Matheis (author and writer for Living Blues Magazine)

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