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Blues Art & Beyond

These Illustration are focused on my love for the Blues, the players, and the music. 

Blues Art by Brian Kramer

“Muddy used to play guitar and sing the way you draw. Very influenced by Son House and Robert Johnson, Muddy distilled their influences, deconstructed them into a simpler presentation even when doing the same songs. Listen to Walkin’ Blues by all three. Muddy had the greatness to add his own unique voice to it. You’ve developed a signature illustrating style.”

- Bob Margolin (Muddy Waters' guitar player)

Order a print

I offer my images as prints on 250 gram Bristol, fine art paper.  Please contact me if you would like to order something, I will send you a quote.

All works, illustrations and content on this website are owned by Brian Kramer Blues Art and I ask please, that no one copies, reproduces, or uses any of my works without my permission THANK YOU!

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